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As a small company, it is at the heart of our company ethos that we look out for the local communities where we work, giving back and supporting the locals.



To Be Properties Ltd is proudly sponsoring Glory Farm FC in 2022, a local football team in Bicester. All team members went to schools as teenagers, when they left school and went their own ways, they made a pact to come back and start a football team when they hit 30 years old. We are supporting this team to support the idea of brotherhood, in this day and age promises are made very lightly, for a group of men upholding their promises over a decade and honouring that promise this should be cherished and supported.

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With great honour, our parent company L Holding is celebrating a major historic milestone, Her Majesty The Queen’s 70th year of reign, as the Platinum Jubilee’s one of two exclusive Partner. On 2nd June 2022, more than 1,500 beacons has been lit around the United Kingdom, its Overseas Territories and Commonwealth countries as a tribute to The Queen’s exceptional reign, not only for the length of term but mostly for the lasting impact of Her Majesty’s service and commitment.

Operating in the UK and several Commonwealth countries, L Holding has benefitted from the social-economic advancements driven by Her Majesty throughout the years.  With our vision of what the future holds and following in The Queen’s exemplary leadership, the lighting of beacons for this occasion is significant to us as we hope it can ignite and bring together those who want to make a positive difference. 


To learn more about the partnership:

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